When It Comes To Safety – It’s All About The Pharmacy

In the fight to legalize the purchase of prescription medications from Canada, the FDA’s primary argument against importation is safety. But the reality is, the risk of purchasing unsafe drugs is no greater in Canada than the U.S.

Let’s say you buy a car stereo from the trunk of someone’s car; you are at higher risk of receiving a bogus product than if you purchased a stereo from an electronics retailer like Best Buy. The same is true for prescription drugs; if you buy from an unreputable pharmacy, you run the risk of receiving poor quality or counterfeit medication.

Did you know that the U.S. government is the number-one importer of prescription medication from Canada? The U.S. government uses cheaper Canadian drugs to fill the prescriptions of retired veterans, as well as for humanitarian aid when helping other countries. Numerous city and state governments have also introduced programs encouraging their residents to purchase medications from Canada. The actions of the our government at the federal, state and municipal level speaks volumes about the quality of medications coming from Canada.

Most of the name brand drugs found in Canada are from U.S. manufacturers and distributors. Because Canada has price controls, drug companies are forced to reduce their profit margin and sell the exact same drugs we use here in America for a much cheaper price. Several drug companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, have threatened to refuse to distribute drugs to Canadian pharmacies that ship to the U.S.

The bottom line is that Canadian prescription medications are just as safe and effective as those in U.S. pharmacies, and whether you are purchasing your medication from Canada or America, you should always make sure that a reputable pharmacy is filling your prescription. eDrugSearch.com makes this process easier for you by including only licensed pharmacies that meet exacting quality criteria in our search results.

Online Pharmacies – A Welcome Alternative To Drug Purchase

The manifold benefits of Internet pharmacies have made them an instant favorite among customers. Less than a decade back, patients had to depend upon the traditional drugstores to get their prescriptions filled. The severely sick patients and the older lot had to depend on others to bring them the medicines. Those who could manage to go down to the nearby drugstore often ended up queuing in front of it. Patients then had to deal with an array of problems like, unavailability of drugs, insecurity with respect to their medical status and definitely the ever-increasing drug prices.

Such patients now have a much better alternative in the form of Internet pharmacies. Canadian Internet pharmacies have been a welcome relief for a majority of patients. They no longer have to go queue up in front of a drugstore nor do they need to purchase medicines in full public view. The ones who are dependent on others can even order their drugs without even moving out of their bed. All they need to do is to log in to an online pharmacy website and then look for the drug they want. Once their desired purchase is tracked, it can be ordered online right away.

Canadian pharmacies offer a range of value added services that go a long way in satisfying patients’ needs. Prescriptions can be refilled with a single call to their toll free number. Some good online pharmacies have the infrastructure in place to attend a patient’s requirement to deliver the drugs anywhere in the world. On request, prescriptions can be filled in Canada and mailed to the patient’s doorsteps. Apart from that, the pharmacy staff is well trained to handle customer queries. Patients who get all the prescription medicines filled from a single drugstore enjoy extended benefits like drug interaction check. This safeguards them from possible harmful drug interactions.

Apart from these, the low cost of drugs and increased degree of confidentiality with respect to the patient’s details are the major advantages of ordering drugs from an online pharmacy. The Canadian government has regulated the prices of prescription medicines, which in turn has made drugs a lot cheaper in Canada. Time to time discounts further lowers the cost of medicines. Besides, the drugs are delivered to the customers with utmost security and confidentiality.

Quality drugs at low prices, easy ordering process, confidentiality and a host of other services has made online pharmacies a welcome alternative to the community drugstores. With increase in Internet usage, the popularity of online Canada drug pharmacies will exceed unimaginable limits in times to come.