Canadian Drugs For Seniors

A huge increase in monthly medication expenses makes it very difficult for some seniors to afford essential medicines prescribed to them. Most Canadian drugs are cheaper than in the US, and senior citizens may be able to cut down expenditure on medication by ordering drugs through the Internet.

Canadian generic drugs for seniors are safe and may be available under a different brand name. Similar to the FDA in the US, Canada has a government agency that closely monitors the safety and quality of all drugs sold in Canada. The cost of all the drugs sold are declared on the Web sites of the Canadian pharmacies and prices are also stated in US dollars.

Canadian pharmacies require seniors to get a prescription from their doctor and fax it to them. Some drugs available in Canadian pharmacies do not need a prescription in Canada, although they may need one in the USA. Seniors can have as many refills as their US doctor has allowed them to have on the prescription that they fax to the pharmacy. Most prescriptions are restricted to a year’s supply.

Canadian pharmacies normally take 5 business days to ship prescription orders after receiving the required documents. Once shipped, delivery takes 3-8 business days. Most pharmacies will add a shipping fee to the total price of the order. An order may have several items in it, but seniors are charged only one shipping fee for the entire order. Many Canadian pharmacies dispense orders in a sealed box with padding, so seniors can expect their items to be delivered without damage.

It is safe for consumers to use credit cards for payments. Expired or damaged non-prescription drugs are entitled to be returned for a refund or credit within 15 days of receiving. This is not applicable to prescription drugs, which cannot be returned. Shipping charges are refunded if the return is due to an error on the part of the pharmacy. All returns have to be accompanied by the original packing slip.