Let’s Put An End To Concerns About The Safety Of Licensed Canadian Pharmacies

While it is well-known that prescription medications from Canada are less expensive than the same drugs in the U.S., many consumers have concerns about the safety of Canadian drug imports. But is there any real reason for consumers to fear purchasing medications from licensed Canadian pharmacies?

The fact is, drugs purchased from licensed Canadian pharmacies generally come from the same U.S. drug manufacturers that ship them to American pharmacies. Legitimate pharmacies in the U.S. and Canada rarely, if ever, receive counterfeit medications.

In 2003 the U.S. House of Representatives approved importing prescription medications from Canada by a vote of 243 to 186. The U.S. Senate has voted similarly. Many state and local governments are currently purchasing Canadian medications for their employees. These actions by government officials speak volumes about the quality of drugs coming in from across the border.

Canadians drugs from licensed pharmacies are safe — period. So, why has the Bush Administration opposed legalization? The pharmaceutical lobby has enormous influence in Washington — and they are worried about their profits. Millions of Americans are already buying their prescription drugs from Canada. Big drug companies such as Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline have even gone so far as to refuse to sell to Canadian pharmacies that ship medications back to the United States.

Debates about these programs continue in congress and support for legalizing the importation of prescription drugs from Canada goes both ways. Supporters contend that the added pressure will force the American government to allow the importation of prescription drugs from Canada forcing American drug companies to lower their costs. Others against importation believe that Canadian drugs are unsafe so importation is out of the question, and since the cities and states are cutting into the profits of the drug companies by importing from Canada, it is just going to force them to raise prices in America even more.

Does this sound like a safety concern to you?

Internet Pharmacy – An Ideal Platform For Drug Purchase

Getting the prescribed medicines from a nearby community drugstore had long been the only option for us. But now, Internet pharmacies have become a far better alternative. Internet pharmacies go a long way in meeting patient’s demands than what the traditional pharmacies could. A good online pharmacy entitles us to a host of benefits and services that the age-old community drugstores are incapable of providing in the near future. Online pharmacies outclass the traditional ones on more than a single ground.

A lot of patients suffer from ailments that they do not wish to make public. It could even be embarrassing for some to publicly buy such drugs at a community drugstore. Conversely, they can buy similar drugs through an Internet pharmacy. The ordering process is easy, secure and confidential. No need to go out of the house to queue up near a drugstore; just fill in the online order form available in the internet pharmacy’s website and wait for the drug to be delivered right at your doorsteps.

Most of us have a busy lifestyle. We need to take some time out for activities that are not a part of our daily routine. To get the drugs from a nearby drugstore, we need to find time to go out and buy them. Furthermore, there are patients who are too weak to move out. Such patients need to depend on others’ help to procure drugs from the nearest store. An Internet pharmacy, on the other hand, not only save our time but also reduces the effort needed to go to a drugstore. Whether at home, office, or anywhere else, all we need is to login to an online pharmacy website and place an order.

The cost of medicines is an essential point of consideration for the patients. Online pharmacies offer drugs at a far cheaper rate than that of the traditional ones. The difference in price is due to the high overhead costs incurred by the community drugstores. Conversely, an online pharmacy does not have similar magnitude of infrastructure or operational costs. Furthermore, online pharmacies operating from Canada offer attractive discounts as compared to others. This is due to the price regulations of prescription medicines by the Canadian government. Such discounts can be as high as 70%!

Safety, security, confidentiality, low prices and good product quality is what drives most patients to login to an online pharmacy. However patients should be careful to check out the legitimacy of the pharmacy. Internet pharmacies have become a booming business and a lot of people try to cash in this opportunity by promising the best and offering the worst. Legal online pharmacies are authorized by an external authoritative agency. Most legitimate Internet pharmacies provide a link to such an agency in support of their authenticity. People should check out for such links. Apart from that, it is always better to stay away from pharmacies that have broken links and look badly managed. Such pharmacies, in all probability, are the ones to stay away from. Online Canadian drug pharmacies are truly the best place to order medicines from; however, just do a bit of research beforehand to crosscheck its legitimacy.

Canadian Over The Counter Drugs

There are a large number of Canadian pharmacies committed to providing customers with Over-the-Counter drugs all over the world. Most pharmacies offer Over-the-Counter product along with self-care information as well. Mail order Canadian pharmacies have websites dedicated to answering frequently asked questions dealing with Canadian Over-the-Counter drugs, or customers can send them questions using contact forms. These online drugstores offer Over-the-Counter drugs that are sometimes not easily available in US.

Some Canadian Over-the-Counter drugs require a valid prescription that has been written by the patient’s attending doctor while others may not require a prescription. Customers can fax or e-mail a scanned copy of their prescription to the pharmacy.

It is possible to ship an order out as soon as it is received by the pharmacy, in case of Over-the-Counter drugs that do not require a prescription. Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs are normally shipped within 24 to 48 hours. Prescription drugs take about 3 days to process. About 3 to 8 business days are required to ship these drugs from Canada, provided that there are no problems with orders such as missing prescription, drug details or credit card processing.

Costs of Over-the-Counter drugs ordered from Canada are based on two aspects. These are cost of medication and a shipping cost per order and not per item. Prescriptions concerning Over-the-Counter drugs are charged a shipping fee so that they will be shipped with tracking and insurance. Non-prescription Over-the-Counter drugs may entail an additional cost for standard air shipping.

It is obligatory for Canadian online drugstores to be members of the Canadian Internet Pharmacy Association. Most Canadian pharmacies provide an official prescription drug receipt for the customer’s prescription drug insurance. It is prudent that customers verify with their prescription drug plan administrator in advance to see if they will accept the pharmacy’s receipts. Non-prescription Over-the-Counter drugs can be returned if they are unopened and undamaged. Pharmacies exchange prescription drugs in the event of damage or a defect in the prescription drug.